Piosenka Ciela i Sebastiana


You want it all but the world won’t give it up

Your eyes have closed but you have got to go on

Ever since I’ve come you have been whole

I'll tell you what, “there’s nothing left of this”

You have got everyone to help you on your way

But you don’t know just what way you should go ahead through

All lines are broken

The ones we loved and had to leave behind?

They steal your innocence

Falling fast, but nobody cares…


inori ga mou todokanu nara

If my prayer has already been fulfilled,

hakobune ni nosete naga sou

I’ll board the ark in the flowing current

shizumu itami no ato

The sinking, depressing ache of the scar

hodokare ima

Will now come apart.

Both: Ah…


anata wa moroku asamashiki shirabe ni

Your fragile, miserable melody

nando to naku damasarete wa aruite

How many times has it soothed? Keep walking.


yureru arishi hi no omokage

Shake away the traces of past days

kizamu basho wa doko ni mo naku kasunde

Engrave yourself into this place, so that wherever you go, you won’t lose your way in the mist


nani wo atae ushinau no ka

What have you been given; what will you lose?

togireta ito wa tada

This finished road is the only thread

aoki kanata e

On his pale blue way…


towa ni kanata e

On his eternal way.

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